Kübra B.

by Daniel Sherekin

One day;


a community that had won great victories over gravity,

had already taken its place in the history.


The wind,

that you hear about in the ancient songs you listen to,

may not ever touch your hair


The low-gravity will wave your hair

In this airless air.

Your feet may not ever touch on the ground,

Or what you know about the smell of soil,

after the rain,

is nothing but a legend your ancestor told.

The trees you had once seen in a history book,

can make you imagine a wild fantasy world.

While you keep build something of your own,

In a place where you do not even belong,
you will feel again that,

longing home.

Kübra B.

Kübra B.

Life long learner🐒 M.Sc student in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Likes science & technology, philosophy & psychology, poems & manga 🥷🏻 Tr/En